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    The Contractor’s role when outsourcing BIM

    It´s easy to fall into the trap and think that BIM is something that you simply outsource to a 3rd Party, and they will deliver a final product once they are done… As with most things in life, you get out what you put into it! So we are going to check The Contractor’s role when outsourcing BIM.

    The true purpose of BIM is to bring the team together (design/construction) and generate a space for discussions to happen; with the purpose of finding the best possible solution to keep the project on schedule and on budget. This does not mean that the Foreman needs to grab the computer and start modeling, it means you have to spend enough time with the modeling team, making joint decisions on how the system will be routed and installed.

    Approach it as if “you are bringing someone (a BIM expert) to your team”, instead of “sending the work to an outside team”. As a contractor, you cannot lose ownership of the final product.

    outsourcing BIM

    So, what are the main aspects you should expect from the BIM Company you hired?

    • A good BIM outsourcing is not just a drafting service. They have to be proactive; they have to propose solutions; and those solutions should be cost effective.
    • They need to filter out simple clashes and only use your time to discuss major or high cost/impact issues with you.
    • They have to provide layout drawings for installation according to the signed off model.
    • They have to use the right fittings and right materials.
    • They must attend the general BIM coordination meetings…you acting as a middle man is a recipe for failure.

    What are decisions that remain the Contractor’s responsibility?

    • You are still the one to approve resolutions to those relevant issues or clashes.
    • You MUST review the layout drawings and approve them.
    • When installing, follow the drawings and model! Otherwise, you may get back charged from other trades or the GC.
    • You must attend the coordination meetings.
    • You must respond to emails requesting feedback or information in a timely manner.

    Axel Krüger
    ENG President

    E-mail: eng@engbim.com
    Call us: (949) 340-6924

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