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    BIM Content Creation

    ENG values the Autodesk Revit® platform as the best Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for building design. The Revit platform has defined, and is synonymous with, BIM.

    Implementation of BIM, as the new standard in all aspects of the life of a project, has been met with certain hurdles; these can be overcome with the right knowledge, tools, and experience.

    Revit Content for BPM’s or Building Product Manufacturers

    ENG’s content team counts with extensive experience producing high quality architectural, structural, MEP Autodesk REVIT and CADMEP families specifically for the Building Product Manufacturers. Back in 2009, ENG has been chosen to be part of the selected group of Premier Providers for the Autodesk Content Network (ACN).

    We live in a world where more than 70% of projects are leveraging BIM for its design and construction. For a BPM, creating their products’ REVIT Objects is a Marketing investment with significant return. When the Architect or the Engineer that is creating that virtual design is choosing the product, they will specify on its REVIT model, having a Quality REVIT Family available is critical. The Quality, performance, availability and ease of use of the REVIT object, reflects directly in the BPM’s product quality perception.

    ENG builds Manufacturers BIM content with a deep understanding of what these AEC firms want as experience when using it within their projects. And that UX is our focus.

    Content Consulting for AEC professionals, Built by AEC professionals

    At ENG, we know from our own experience that not all content required to complete a job may be available the moment it is needed. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. A project deadline approaches too fast and, once completed, the next one is immediately bearing down.

    For these reasons, we offer custom Content Creation and/or Consulting to aid you in your projects.

    While members of your firm may be dedicated to content creation, content experts are often welcome to assist with this process. Removing the burden of not counting with the REVIT objects the design team needs, allows them to focus on what they do best – design. Further, we can guide the remaining Content team members on how to build the ideal content for any project. In short, ENG can consult on any project of any size, wherever and whenever necessary. At the end of the day we, as professionals, are dedicated to the creation and perfection of building designs. Let us help you ease the burden of content creation.

    Please Contact Us to let us know what content may be missing from your process.

    How we deliver our BIM Services – Off or On-Site

    All our services can be performed at our own office, communicating via web-based collaboration tools, video calls and traditional phone calls.

    However, we also believe that for certain endeavors a personal presence is required in order to increase communication, thereby maximizing efficiency. ENG designed a unique On-Site support business model, where we can provide on-site support by sending our BIM professionals to work at your office or in the field for a period of time (from a few weeks, months or even years at larger projects); while the rest of the team at ENG supports you from our offices.

    We also offer different types of contracts to suit your needs, such as Time and Material, Lump Sum and Full-time engagements. Please contact us to discuss your next BIM project.

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