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    Laser Scanning | Scan to BIM | As-builts

    When existing facilities need to be redesigned and remodeled, or true as-built conditions are required, at ENG we count with a reliable team that specializes on reality capture [Laser Scanning Services] and 2D/3D as-building. We create 2D drawings and BIM models starting from 2D as-builts and read marks. We also perform laser scanning nationwide through our wide network of Laser Scanning technicians, and we create accurate Revit models out of the captured point clouds.

    3D Laser Scanning

    3D facility scanning technology and capabilities have continued to improve and evolve; ENG brings our clients the best scanning hardware along with the knowledge to back it up.

    Leveraging Trimble, Faro and Leica’s most sophisticated field scanning hardware, ENG can scan any facility for true as-built point cloud measuring. Then, expanding on ENG’s knowledge of engineering software, we can process those files to deliver a finished Autodesk Revit® or CAD file to our client for use beyond just the field survey. The unique marriage of point cloud scanning with ENG’s real-world experience means we can create a point cloud as simple or complex as the customer needs.

    Unlike any other scanning services, our all-in-one solution gives us the power to site scan, then turn out a fully compatible BIM file with true parametric metadata value in the native BIM authoring platform.

    Scan to BIM | Revit point cloud modeling services

    Laser Scanning and Scan to BIM technology exists to solve a common issue in the construction industry: as built documents are non-existing or fail to reflect existing conditions showing too many discrepancies and inaccuracies compared to what has been built.

    Traditional surveying takes too much time, this can be inaccurate and only captures a fraction of the information you can get with laser scanning technology. The information obtained from laser scanning is derived from millions of points generated by high technology 3D scanning devices that capture the precise geometry of everything in the facility, creating an accurate digital replication of everything seen with the human eye.

    How does it work?

    Even though this Point Cloud deliverable is very powerful in and of itself, for several different reasons you may need a REVIT Model, or perhaps even 2D CAD As-Builts. ENG can take these Point Cloud files and create REVIT Models from them.

    During the Scan to BIM process, point clouds composed by millions of data points previously obtained during a 3D laser scanning session on site are converted into accurate 3D Architectural and MEP BIM models which reflect exactly what has actually been built, providing all geometry and data needed for as-built, renovation and documentation purposes.

    The ENG Scan to BIM team specializes in tracing these point clouds produced by our scanning team or by 3rd party companies that perform the field Laser Scanning, and in generating Native REVIT models that can serve several purposes, from its utilization as a starting point for architectural/engineering redesigning of existing buildings and coordinating trades of new construction with existing conditions to capturing As-Built conditions for BIM models that will be utilized for Operations (FM).

    ENG utilizes 3rd party and its own proprietary plugins and know-how to make the modeling/tracing process more cost efficient and to ensure the quality of the model.

    As-Built Modeling and Scan to FM

    Often, existing facilities do not count with reliable As Built Drawings and Asset records. Especially if that facility has gone through several remodels or expansions. The Facility Engineer typically contacts ENG for a Laser Scanning and Scan to BIM model creation with 2D As Built Drawings.

    Having those as built conditions captured and modeled already provides great value as a base for future expansions. However, in order to leverage those models on a daily basis during operations, REVIT or Navisworks are not the answer. ENG proposes an extra step that consists in implementing a Digital Twin with such model and data. Hosted on the www.youbim.com platform, where end-users can quickly find a valve they need to shut down to stop a leak, or identify upstream and downstream impact when maintaining certain equipment.

    For projects in construction, or recently handed over, ENG has developed an efficient process to capture all the changes that took place during construction. By utilizing As-Built drawings and/or sub-contractor mark-ups, ENG incorporates the information into the BIM to generate As-Built models.

    Project close-out often becomes a difficult stage for General Contractors when the information required for this purpose is inaccessible or misplaced. We build the BIM and link all building design data, cut-sheet data, field changes, and other required documentation for Close-out in the interest of assisting any/all contractors during this stage. The BIM becomes a single source of information and a central database. Additionally, when a 6D Facility Management solution is planned at a later stage, ENG will integrate all necessary metadata of the model for future use.

    How we deliver our BIM Services – Off or On-Site

    All our services can be performed at our own office, communicating via web-based collaboration tools, video calls and traditional phone calls.

    However, we also believe that for certain endeavors a personal presence is required in order to increase communication, thereby maximizing efficiency. ENG designed a unique On-Site support business model, where we can provide on-site support by sending our BIM professionals to work at your office or in the field for a period of time (from a few weeks, months or even years at larger projects); while the rest of the team at ENG supports you from our offices.

    We also offer different types of contracts to suit your needs, such as Time and Material, Lump Sum and Full-time engagements. Please contact us to discuss your next BIM project.

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