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    Architectural Structural BIM Modeling

    Architectural or Structural Models are often missing. The Architect and the Structural Engineer may not deliver a 3D model that is necessary for a BIM Spatial coordination process and for the MEP’s to host and to clash their models against.

    ENG can provide you with the solutions you need. Our experienced Architectural and Structural teams can create REVIT models efficiently focusing on this BIM coordination purpose.

    How we deliver our BIM Services – Off or On Site

    All our services can be performed at our own office, communicating via web-based collaboration tools, video calls and traditional phone calls.

    However, we also believe that for certain endeavors a personal presence is required in order to increase communication, thereby maximizing efficiency. ENG designed a unique On-Site support business model, where we can provide on-site support by sending our BIM professionals to work at your office or in the field for a period of time (from a few weeks, months or even years at larger projects); while the rest of the team at ENG supports you from our offices.

    We also offer different types of contracts to suit your needs, such as Time and Material, Lump Sum and Full-time engagements. Please contact us to discuss your next BIM project.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How can BIM facilitate structural analysis?

    Yes, it can. It allows you to evaluate multiple structural potential solutions and their associated cost in a short amount of time. Many of the know structural software solutions out there can seamlessly integrate with BIM software.

    Are BIM and CAD the same?

    No, they are not. CAD allows building 2D drawings or 3D drawings based on lines. BIM allows you to create buildings by virtually constructing them with smart objects that interact with each other.

    What is BIM Architecture software?

    It is typically referred to as software that allows creating 3D intelligent architectural models and is parametric with the 2D drawings that they allow you to create. A couple of options are Autodesk REVIT, ArchiCAD, BricsCAD BIM, Bentley AECOsim, etc.

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