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    Tyson Foods – Caseyville Expansion

    Tyson Foods – Warren’s Bakery

    Merck Project Flash

    CREE Design Center

    Eurofins Tustin

    Proliant Dairy Ingredients Project Cyclone

    Revamp Phillips 66 Refinery

    Mazda Toyota Motors US Manufacturing Facility

    Gallo Glass Expansion of Glass Bottle Manufacturing Plant

    Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Chip Factory

    Semi-Conductors Manufacturing Site

    Gilead Sciences La Verne Site

    Gilead Sciences La Verne Site


    Jaguar Land Rover Factory

    Proliant Dairy Ingredients Project Cyclone

    Provident Nutraceuticals Plant expansion

    Mazda Toyota Motors US

    Gallo Glass

    Hyde Park Fedex Express

    Cummins Technical Center

    Petrobras Japeri – Reduc

    Oil Platform: MALOOB D

    LNG Flexible Terminals

    Industrial Development

    Cardboard Plant Cartocor

    Atacama Gas Pipeline

    Arcor Distribution Center

    Antamina Capacity Expansion

    Embraco – Compressor Manufacturer