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    Your reality capture platform

    We believe that Laser scanning can be life-changing for the AEC industry.

    To make this technology more accessible for all, we’ve built a platform to help you create an RFP for your project as an expert.

    About SirVey

    We provide a quick online process so you can submit your reality capture needs and develop a state-of-the-art RFP.

    Then we turn to our pre-selected network of local partners to get you the most cost-effective solution.

    How does it work?

    1. Go to app.sirvey.us
    1. Enter your work email and start your RFP process.
    1. Complete the flow will all available data. Keep in mind that the more data you enter, the better price you get.
    1. If needed, we’ll schedule a review meeting with the SirVey team to clear any doubts about the project.
    1. Receive the best price available.

    You will be able to complete this process in minutes, and SirVey will manage all negotiations and meetings with our Laser scanning partners before getting back to you with the best proposal.

    Get your first quote now

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