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    What problems can you solve with BIM services?

    As the demand in the construction industry keeps growing, it’s crucial not to lose focus and address one of the main problems in the industry: shortages of resources (both material and labor) and the lack of coordination among stakeholders.   

    The construction sector requires the input of many different subcontractors, each of which plays a specific and critical role in completing the project. Consequently, there is more room for risks and errors that can occur in the middle of the construction. These errors can lead to delays, cost overruns, and quality problems.   

    An accurate BIM Process can help you plan, design, and manage construction more efficiently.  

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    For example, it will help waste less time and resources on estimates, unexpected design clashes at later stages, ineffective communication, time-consuming operations, risks of going over budget, or constructability issues on MEP systems.   

    Now, how can BIM services help you deal with these problems?  

    Facilitating Prefabrication  

    This is probably today’s most impactful construction trend when it comes to labor cost savings, speed, and quality. The benefits of prefab are many: safety, cost-effectiveness, consistency and quality control, flexibility, green construction, saving time, and accelerating the construction process.   

    Coordination and communication  

    An automated process helps to overcome one of the biggest challenges in construction: poor coordination and communication among the multiple teams. As a result, this reduces change orders, improves safety, facilitates supervision, allows workers more time to focus on other aspects, and provides real-time collaboration between parties.  

    Amazing for Facility Management   

    The owner is the clear beneficiary here. If a proper BIM management practice is performed throughout the design and construction process to keep the data structured and flowing properly. Such efforts will pay off in the end, giving the operator accurate assets information from the first day of operations.  

    Waste prevention  

    BIM services help reduce the huge amount of waste generated by the construction industry. Waste is increasing quickly due to higher standards of living, the demand for infrastructure, changes in consumption habits, and the evident growth of the worldwide population.  

    Quality Upgrade  

    Being able to virtually build the building before real life allows us to identify inconsistencies or potential operational issues, like not having enough space to access a maintainable Asset. It really helps with issues that would have only been detected after the project was built.   

    Pre-Visualize and validate progress  

    One of the latest trends is having an accurate BIM model, leveraging Virtual Reality technology to previsualize superimposing of what needs to be built in the context of existing structures. Also, as elements are being installed, it allows to compare them with an AR model and check the install progress.  

    Long story short, BIM services are here to stay, help in many parts of the process, achieve more and minimize as many errors as possible.  

    As the demand to build more with fewer resources increases and the shortage of skilled labor continues to be an issue, we must explore new ways to meet the demand more efficiently. 


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