Rig-A-Lite II

Project Description:

About Rig-A-Lite II:

Since 1938, we have been at the forefront of lighting technology, providing industry with intelligent solutions to their lighting dilemmas.

As LED technology has continued to improve, Rig-A-Lite has integrated it into our vision of the future of lighting these specialty environments including petrochemical refining, petroleum refining, waste water treatment facilities, pharmaceutical facilites, food processing facilities, power plants and other industrial & manufacturing areas where flammable vapors, gasses, ignitable dusts, fibers or flyings are present. Our LED product series are also rated for marine environments, wet locations and heavy hose-down applications- indoors or outdoors.

Services Provided:

• Content Creation

• Revit® Style Guide Compliance

Product Category: Lighting

Scope: 22 products

Client: Rig-A-Lite

Analytical Capabilities: MEP Connectors

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