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    ENG at Advancing Prefabrication Summit 2024 

    Table of Contents

    Let’s relive the excitement of the Advancing Prefabrication 2024 Summit we attended in Denver from February 27th to 28th! Explore our participation in the expo, the conference we had the pleasure of presenting alongside McClure, and the memorable moments, including the special dinner we hosted for our clients in collaboration with Mark III. It was an amazing experience, and we extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our booth, joined us for dinner, and participated in the case study discussion. This conference brought together industry leaders, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of idea exchange and enjoyment. 

    We look forward to more productive collaborations in the future.  

    See you next year! 

    Talk Info

    We had the privilege of hosting a conference session as part of Track Three: BIM, Data & Digital Flow.

    The session featured a compelling case study titled “Extreme Optimization of Hospital Installation Time & Cost with BIM MEP Rack Design,” presented by Axel Kruger, CEO of ENG, German Siegrist, BIM Manager at ENG, and Jay Strausbaugh, VDC/BIM Manager at McClure Company. 

    The key topics covered during the session included:

    • The process of identifying similar areas suitable for implementing MEP rack solutions to enhance optimization. 
    • A detailed exploration of the BIM/VDC workflows employed to determine critical BIM data necessary for shop deliverables. 
    • An insightful breakdown of the project’s overall impact, encompassing schedule, pricing, materials, and safety considerations. 


    Adrian Lovagnini – Business Development Executive

    Axel Kruger – CEO

    German Siegrist – BIM Manager  

    Dive into the Advancing Prefabrication Summit 2024 with our recap video. Experience the event’s highlights with us as we look back together!

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