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    ENG at Advancing Preconstruction Conference24

    We attended Advancing Preconstruction Conference on May 2nd and 3rd at the Colorado Convention Center, in Denver.

    Our team ended up so happy to have met fascinating people!

    Thank you to everyone who visited us at our booth and participated in our talk!

    Talk title: “Case Study: Tomorrow Happening Today”

    How Robots and Reality Capture, Supported by VDC, Allowed Staggering Schedule Reductions.

    It was an incredible opportunity to showcase the importance of robots and reality capture for staggering schedule reductions. We discussed advanced techniques in VDC solutions, such as FieldPrinter, discrepancy reports with point clouds, reality capture reports, and collaboration between shop and field teams, recognizing their critical role in project success.

    Main bullets handled:

    • Demanding Client Requirements and Constraints.
    • Technologies Implemented and How They Worked.
    • Tangible Outcomes of Each Implemented Technology.


    Jay Berryhill – CRO (ENG)

    Maria Jose Diaz – BIM Coordinator (ENG)

    Rickey Molina – VDC Director (Alston Construction A+)


    Experience the buzz and innovation of the Advancing Preconstruction 2024 with our engaging recap video. We’ve selected standout moments to showcase the best of the event. Come along as we revisit and celebrate this remarkable occasion together!”

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