Case Study: GC Taking the BIM Modeling Authoring

Case Study: GC Taking the BIM Modeling Authoring

At ENG, we firmly believe that “ownership” by the trade contractors of the trade models is critical to the success of the BIM coordination process. If this ownership is mandated by a good contract, where the right level of importance is given to the models, odds are BIM will bring everybody great ROI, and a lot fewer headaches during construction.

At ENG, 9 times out of 10 we find ourselves helping the subcontractors model and coordinate because the GC has pushed this responsibility to them.

In the case of the construction of the Van Nuys Fire Station N°39, Ford E.C., Inc. contacted ENG with a different approach. Ford, as the GC on the project, wanted to take charge of all the modeling by having ENG act as modeling consultant of all trades while maintaining the responsibility of the subs and having them actively participate in the coordination process. We got some very interesting results and takeaways that make us believe that this can be a great approach for a variety of projects. Check the Case Study video!

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