Field Genie


Your BIM virtual assistant in the field

Bridging the construction-technology gap

How many times has a foreman been installing something with outdated drawings, while several new versions of it had been created by the design or detailing team? And how many of those new versions got lost in an email? How useful would it be to have quick additional information about a specific spool or install drawing? While a lot of new technology that could solve this problem may be out there, it is not always easy to use

This is why we created Field Genie: a virtual assistant that bridges the adoption gap, supporting field personnel to leverage construction technology.

Field Genie is a mobile web app that works interacting with traditional paper drawings. Our mission is to provide the foreman the most recent information from the BIM model and extracted drawings so that they are always up to date. Field Genie also allows you to get any additional information you need to install, all in one click. Simple, easy to use, and effective.

How does the Genie work?

1 – Go to   
2 – Rub the lamp by scanning the QR code included in your deliverables.
3 – Know if the paper print drawing you have in the field is the latest version or if it is out of date.
4- If the drawing is out of date, click on the “Latest Drawing” button and the genie will show it on your mobile device.

As simple and handy as that!

How to Install Field Genie

You can use Field Genie on your browser or install it on your phone.


1- On your device, open the browser Safari
2- Go to
3- Click on the share button
4- Click on Add to Home Screen
5- Choose Add and you will see it on your Home Screen as an app.

For Android

1- On your Android device, open Chrome
2- Go to
3- At the top right of the address bar tap Add to Home screen.
4- Follow the onscreen instructions to install and you will see it on your Home
Screen as an app.

For Desktop

1- On your computer, open Chrome
2- Go to
3- At the top right of the address bar click Install
4- Follow the onscreen instructions to install.

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