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    ENGworks is now ENG

    New identity. Same great service.

    After few years of exceptional growth, we’re excited to announce that as of March 2021, our company will look a bit different: ENGworks is now ENG.

    Message from our CEO


    The road we’ve traveled

    Our journey started with a vision to create the kind of innovative company that empowers individuals and teams to do their best work, based on candor, accountability, and a win-win mentality. To this day, we still have one main goal: to help our clients design and build better projects, saving construction cost and time by developing the full potential of Building Information Modeling (BIM).  

    In 2007, Axel Krüger, our CEO, started the business based in Costa Mesa, California, as ENGstudios to bring much-needed BIM technology solutions to the AEC industry. In 2012, ENGstudios merged with another company and subsequently became known as ENGworks.

    As ENGworks, we continuously developed new processes, tools, and services for the construction industry. So much so that ENGworks became an internationally recognized BIM service and solution provider.  

    Both groups continued to serve their core markets, and in 2014, we agreed to operate independently but continued to share the same brand identity, ENGworks. So, this new identity, ENG, confirms and makes formal the decision of running completely independent businesses.  

    Over the course of all these years, ENG has grown from having an office in California to ten offices nationwide, an important presence around the country and more than 200 qualified BIM experts. 

    During 2020, we had the opportunity to take a step back and reflect upon our present and our future, and we decided to embark on a simplification journey. As a result, we resolved to shorten our name: Now we are ENG. The change came naturally to us because, in a way, we’ve always been ENG: This is how our clients already refer to us, and it’s how we call ourselves within the company.  

    This new stage arises as a natural phase to focus on Virtual Design Construction (VDC) services and solutions, with a concentration on MEP Model Coordination and Prefabrication, Framing/Modular Prefabrication, BIM Management, BIM Design support, Reality Capture, and Digital twining. 

    We are evolving

    As you can see, it is not just our logo that has changed. We’ve changed our website, our social media, and we’ve simplified our approach to focus better on our purpose: to reshape the Construction Industry by leveraging BIM technology.  

    New identity. Same essence.

    Yet behind the new look, we are still the same company and talented team, dedicated to providing you the best possible services and solutions.   

    We’re incredibly proud of the work that we do at ENG and thankful for the employees, the partnerships, and the clients that have accompanied us in our growth. We will continue to execute projects, with the same if not better, brilliance, and professionalism you’ve come to experience. We are the same team of more than 200 BIM experts, with the same great service.  

    We invite you to join us in this new thrilling chapter! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will there be any changes on the teams I am working with / usually work with? Will I see any changes on the quality of the work or deliverables?

    Definitely not, we are the same team, dedicated to providing you with the same great service.

    Have your emails changed?

    Yes, our new emails extension is now @engbim.com. However, any email sent to our @engworks.com email address will be automatically redirected to our @engbim.com email address. So, nothing will fall through the cracks 😊

    Will I be able to reach the ENG team as always by phone and email?

    Of course. Our phone numbers haven’t changed, and any email sent to our @engworks.com email address will be automatically redirected to our new @engbim.com email address. Also, our reply to your email will be sent out from the new address, which – with time – will end up replacing the old email address in your Outlook agenda.

    Will files and models be hosted in the same places?

    Yes, nothing changes here.

    Do I need to provide you with new access to platforms or shared files? Do I need to make any changes on ongoing projects with ENG?

    No, the updates will happen on our end. If for any reason we need new access or updates from your side, we will get in touch.

    Do we need to issue new POs or revise ongoing contracts or NDAs?


    Will Axel remain as the CEO?

    Yes, we are the same team, dedicated to providing you with the same great service.

    Are you being bought by another company?

    No, this is just a brand refresh and the changes apply to our logo and visual identity only.

    If you have further questions, please email us: eng@engbim.com | Learn more about ENG

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