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    Building Conflict Reporting / Clash Detection

    Once the BIM Models for all disciplines are accurately created, ENGworks performs Clash Detection and generates customized Building Conflict Reports (BCR). Our staff works together with architects, engineers, general contractors, and various trades to detect and resolve the design conflicts among construction elements before construction dollars are ever spent.

    The coordination meetings are run, and BCRs are produced, using Autodesk® Navisworks Manage® Software. This software is the industry standard for precise collision detection and clash reports. Multiple CAD and/or BIM platforms can be imported into a single file, stripping down the base geometry to keep the file lightweight. We upload each BCR by trade for all parties to see, then document the issues and update the project schedules. We also supply hardware and software where a turnkey solution is necessary.

    For contractors, the “low hanging fruit” for return on investment include:

    • Improving construction costs by identifying and correcting clashes before the construction team is onsite

    • Increasing the chances of winning a project bid by showing thoughtful design approaches using the visualization techniques inherent in BIM-based renderings

    • Reducing the number of change orders, which reduces administrative expenses and processing time during construction

    • Allowing more fabrication to happen off-site, greatly improving yard management activities

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