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    Renumber Parts

    With this add in you can number your elements of your spools (Revit or Fab Parts) with a customized prefix. You have to click the elements one by one and the numbers are assigned automatically, with the MANUAL option you can also choose to number with the same Item Number equal elements.  You can also select the AUTO option to select the first element of a run of connected elements and numbers will be assigned until a connector with multiple paths. It also helps you on fixing the mistakes you make if you forget to select a specific element. Finally, after you have assigned a number to all your elements you can colorize them based on their spool name. 

    Have you ever had the task of assigning numbers to elements for spooling in Autodesk® Revit® and you have been frustrated by the time it takes to do it?  If that is the case then this app is for you! 

    With Renumber parts, you will be able to assign a number to the spool parts in seconds by simply selecting an MEP element! 

    Many clients have already tried this app and have directly included it in the daily processes and now the only way they do spools is with this app. 


    1. Choose if you want to number equal elements with the same Item Number 
    2.  Select a prefix, a separator and a starting number. 
    3. Select the temporary color that you want. 
    4. Press MANUAL or AUTO and start selecting MEP elements. 
    5.  Press Reset Color if you want to reset the color of the elements in the current view. 
    6. Create a view with all your spools

    In case that elements were missed in the middle, the offset up and down buttons can be used: 

    1. Fitting missing number. Select up
    2. Select the element before fitting
    3. Values 03 and 04 are moved up
    4. Now 03 can be assign to fitting 


    Download and execute the installer. It is possible that you will need to reboot Autodesk® Product to activate the product. If you want to uninstall this complement, make click in Control Panel> Programs> Programs y functions (Windows 10) and uninstall the program like you would do it with any other application of the system. 

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