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    With this add-in you can find clashes between elements in the model and elements in linked files. You just have to select the model you want to clash with (the same you are working at or a linked model) and the categories you want to check. After doing the selection you just have to execute the add-in and all the clashes will be listed. The clashing elements will be colored and you can isolate each clash, a section box will be created around the clashing elements to make easier to view. This is a really fast way for quick revision and will make coordination much easier!


    1. Select model to clash with in the list of available files. It can be the model you are working at or a linked one.
    2. Select categories to clash from each model. Can be one or multiple categories.
    3. Press Execute.
    4. Select one of the clashes in the list of clashes.
    5. Isolate Selection. You can move in the model and even fix the clash while having the Clasher opened.
    6. Reset view to reveal all elements.

    In case you fixed a clash, you can execute again to update the list.
    The last categories you selected keep saved after closing the add-in so you don’t have to reselect when doing repetitive checking.

    The installer that have been executed when you downloaded this complement from the Autodesk App Store have already installed the complement. It is possible that you will need to reboot Autodesk® Product to activate the product. If you want to uninstall this complement, make click in Control Panel> Programs> Programs y functions (Windows 10) and uninstall the program like you would do it with any other application of the system.

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